A glimpse of summer course at CSE: International Professors invited to highlight the importance of methodical thinking


During the summer, the Computer Science and Engineering Department offered the "Intelligent Data Analysis", "Data Science for Business" and "C / C ++ Programming" as elective courses for undergraduates. Professor Peter Tino of the University of Birmingham, Assistant Prof. Liu Siyuan from Pennsylvania State University and Stéphane Faroult, Associate Teaching Professor of SUSTech respectively presented the three courses.

In the Intelligent Data Analysis, Prof. Peter Tino applied the knowledge of Linear Algebra and Probability and Mathematical Statistics to data analysis to teach students the notion of his theory. He repeatedly stressed that as future computer professionals, students need to understand the processes behind the realization of the Matlab software. Assistant Professor Liu Siyuan's "Data Science for Business" course covers theoretical knowledge such as data acquisition and processing, data mining, text and web mining, social network analysis, recommendation systems, mobile business analytics, and guidance for students to use data science and information systems technology to find value and support business decisions. The final course "C / C ++ Programming" was taught by Associate Teaching Professor Stéphane Faroult, covering C++ and Java and their main differences in order to explain clearly to the students their differences. Focusing on the C and C ++ language features, through the combination of theoretical and experimental lessons, students gained a general idea of the engineering development, and improved their understanding of programming practices.

Selected "C / C ++ Programming" student Gong Yue said “Stéphane's class allowed me to have a new understanding on C language logic, and through studying his own code, gained a clearer knowledge of how it works. I believe this will help me to work faster and more efficiently in the future”.


Group photo of the Course Intelligent Data Analysis


Prof. Peter Tino


A student shared with his startup story in the class of Data Science for Business