SUSTech CS-FXB Joint Lab for International Engineering Education in Intelligent Connected Vehicles unveiled


Recently, the unveiling ceremony of the SUSTech CS-FXB Joint Lab for International Engineering Education in Intelligent Connected Vehicles was held in Shenzhen Fengxiangbiao Education Co., LTD (FXB).


FXB Chairman Yubiao WANG said that FXB, as an experienced player in the field of automobile education, while closely following the development trend of Intelligent Connected Vehicles and the national strategies, hopes to use the platform of the joint laboratory to contract with top teams at home and abroad, integrate the advantages of both sides, and upgrade automobile education resources and courses to the world-class level.

Zhenghe XU, Dean of the College of Engineering expected that through the cooperation of joint laboratory, the two sides can further develop higher education teaching products, empower the cultivation of higher education skilled talents, and jointly introduce education products into the international market for a win-win result.

Qi HAO, Deputy Head of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering reported on the construction and work plan of the joint laboratory. He expressed his hope that it upgrades into provincial, national, and even world-class level laboratory in the future, and promotes the development of intelligent connected education.


Then, SUSTech faculty members visited the FXB exhibition hall. FXB staff introduced some projects, including wind vane software, smart education, new energy, intelligent networking, miniaturization, and other projects. After the exhibition, the two sides held a meeting to discuss the follow-up work and future R & D plan of the joint laboratory.