Big Data and Finance Technology Research Center

Research Center Description

Big Data and Finance Technology Research Center was founded in 2014 , relying on the Computer College in Southern University of Science and Technology ,including four lab: Big data Analytics for Precision Marketing Lab, Intelligent Finance and Medical Self-service System Lab  , Virtual Reality and Intelligent Computing ,Internet Computing and Intelligent  Systems Lab. The center has a pretty accumulation and clear advantages over some applied basic research aspects such as Big Data, Internet Finance , Virtual Reality and so on, and gained a number of scientific research achievements.

The research center carries on its research work in several fields as follows:

1.Big  Data

Taking the application demand as the guidance, obtain, handle and  analyze the big data of variety of industry, then find and extract the deep value, using effective technical means and computing methods to supply precision marketing service for different industry. Such as user action prediction based on internet content, game option based on the player’s physiological signal, and terminal device of Big Data.

2.Finance Technology

Relying on Big data and Cloud-computing technology, combine internet and finance together , construct functional intelligent finance formats and service system ,including financial market system, financial service system, financial product system, which all are based on the internet platform.

3.Virtual  Reality

Virtual reality technology  can create and experience virtual world. It is a computer simulation system combining multi-technology such as computer graphics, human-computer interface, multi-media and sensing technology, etc. By constructing an interactive three-dimensional dynamic scenes based on multi-source information fusion,   users can acquired an immersive experience. The center is devoted to research on shopping platform oriented Virtual Reality, VR broadcasting technology, VR courses design  and psychotherapy based on the gamification  idea.

Centering on the research work above, Dr. Luo who is in charge of the research center published hundreds of articles in the international high-level academic meeting and journals , including an IEEE best paper and seven books. In addition, Dr. Luo is the chief editor of international logistics magazine, and he was also deputy editors of numerous international journals and member of  the Advisory Committee reviewer.

Research Projects and Results

  1. 1.User Action Analysis based on Internet Comment

  2. 2.Internet Finance Asset credit and Risk Assessment

  3. 3.Data measurement and evaluation of the CF mobile games players

  4. 4.Virtual Simulation Experiment Teaching Center

  5. 5.Intelligent Financial self-service Terminals

  6. 6.Interactive multi- functional machine