Intelligent Internet of Things and Cyber-Physical Systems (IoT/CPS)

Research Center Description

IIoT/CPS research center investigates the principle, design, and applications of Internet of things and Cyber-physical systems, from theoretical research to industrial applications. We aim to produce the foundations and design guidelines for the next generation of IoT. We also investigate the safety and security of CPS and aim to provide a solution for quick intrusion detection and integration of safety and security in the design and operation of CPS. The typical applications which we are currently working on include natural and man-made disaster protection and emergency response, networked industrial control system safety and security, drinking water contamination detection, response and recovery. We have achieved a series of innovative technologies for smart home monitoring and protection, and Fire Bridget emergency response operation support systems and devices including indoor location tracking systems which can localize mobile objects in any complex indoor environments with an error less than 0.5 meter. We also develop a series of energy harvest technologies which have been deployed in large scale wireless sensor networks. The typical global IoT system we developed was the water consumption and supply monitoring systems which was deployed in two European countries for water management purpose at household and urban levels.