Call for Papers——The 11th International Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning(SEAL) 2017

Release Time:2017-03-02

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The 11th International Conference on Simulated Evolution and Learning November 10-13, 2017, Shenzhen, China

Sponsor: Southern University of Science and Technology

Aims and Scope

Evolution and learning are two fundamental forms of adaptation. SEAL 2017 is the eleventh conference in the highly successful series that aims at exploring these two forms of adaptation and their roles and interactions in adaptive systems. Cross-fertilization between evolutionary learning and other machine learning approaches, such as neural network learning, reinforcement learning, decision tree learning, fuzzy system learning, etc., will be strongly encouraged by the conference. The other major theme of the conference is optimization by evolutionary approaches or hybrid evolutionary approaches.

Prospective authors are invited to submit their original unpublished work to SEAL’2017. The topics of interest to this conference include but are not limited to the following:

1.Evolutionary Learning:

* Fundamental Issues in Evolution and Learning * Artificial Immune Systems * Co-Evolutionary Learning * Interactions Between Learning and Evolution * Modular Evolutionary Learning Systems * Credit Assignment * Classifier System * Swarm Intelligence * Collective Intelligence * Comparison Studies on Evolutionary Learning Algorithms * Representation Issues in Evolutionary Learning 

2.Evolutionary Optimization:

* Combinatorial Optimization * Ant Colony Optimization * Numerical/Function Optimization * Particle Swarm Optimization * Hybrid Optimization Algorithms * Brain Storm Optimization * Simulated Annealing * Fireworks Algorithms * Comparison of Optimization Algorithms * Memetic Algorithms 

3.Hybrid Learning:

* Evolutionary Artificial Neural Networks * Evolutionary Unsupervised Learning * Evolutionary Fuzzy Systems * Evolutionary Computation * Evolutionary Reinforcement Learning * Other Hybrid Learning Systems * Evolutionary Clustering * Developmental Processes * Evolutionary Decision Tree Learning * Developmental Swarm Intelligence 

4.Adaptive Systems:

* Complexity in Adaptive Systems * Evolutionary Games * Evolutionary Robotics * Self-Repairing Systems * Evolvable Hardware and Software * Artificial Ecology 

5.Theoretical Issues in Evolutionary Computation:

* Computational Complexity of Evolutionary Algorithms * Convergence and Convergence Rate of Algorithms * Self-Adaptation in Evolutionary Algorithms 

6.Real-World Applications of Evolutionary Computation Techniques


All accepted papers that are presented at the conference will be included in the conference proceedings. All previous SEAL proceedings were published in Lecture Notes in Computer Science (LNCS) by Springer. SEAL'2017 will continue this tradition. Selected best papers will be invited for further revisions and extensions for possible publications in special issues of journals such as IEEE Transactions on Emerging Topics in Computational Intelligence.

Conference Committee:

Honorary Chairs

Russell C. Eberhart, USA
Xin Yao, China

General Chair

Yuhui Shi, China
Kay Chen Tan, Singapore

Program Committee Chairs

Mengjie Zhang, New Zealand
Ke Tang, China

Technical Committee Chairs

Xiaodong Li, Australia
Qingfu Zhang, Hong Kong
Ying Tan, China
Martin Middendorf, Germany
Yaochu Jin, UK

Advisory Committee Chairs

Hussein Abbass, Australia
Kalyanmoy Deb, USA
Zbignew Michalewicz, Australia
Lipo Wang, Singapore
Carlos A. Coello Coello, Mexico
Hisao Ishibuchi, Japan
Jong-Hwan Kim, South Korea

Local Organizing Chairs

Zexuan Zhu, China
Guangming Lin, China
Xuefeng Zhang, China

Special Sessions Chairs

Ben Niu, China
Cara Macnish, Australia

Tutorial Chair

Han Huang, China
Frank Neumann, Australia

Publicity Chairs

Yew-Soon Ong, Singapore
Lam Thu Bui, Vietnam
Carmelo Bastos Filho, Brazil
Shi Cheng, China
Vasile Palade, UK
Bing Xue, New Zealand
Hisashi Handa, Japan
Sung-Bae Cho, South Korea
Bob Reynolds, USA

Important Dates

Paper submission: 20 May 2017

Acceptance notification: 15 July 2017

Camera ready due: 15 August 2017

Conference sessions: 11-13 November 2017

Conference website:

Invitation H5: